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Allergy free bouquets for the hayfever inclined

If you are a bride who is prone to hay fever, the thought of carrying a bunch of flowers around all day on a day when you will be photographed from many angles is not that exciting. Here are some other options for wedding bouquets you can use instead.

Cute as a button bunch

Button bouquets are a growing trend in wedding bouquets. They are made by threading an assortment of different buttons onto doubled over floristry wire. The offset holes of different buttons allow you to create different patterns of buttons which can imitate styles of flowers. You can also incorporate antique buttons, either purchased from antique button vendors or sourced from old family wedding dresses. This is a great way to use a family wedding dress that is not in your preferred style without offending the family member who offered it to you.

With a button bouquet you have more flexibility in color choice compared to actual flowers, and you can have different effects such as metallic and transparent buttons. The button bouquet can also be kept as a decoration and can be handed down to your children or family members.

Silk flowers

Silk flowers are a popular option for floral alternatives. They can closely mimic natural flowers if you would like a more traditional effect. Silk flowers can be chosen in a wide range of blooms and colours, as they don't rely on seasonal growing patterns. The bouquets can be matched to your wedding colours or wedding dress, and they can be kept after the wedding day as a beautiful memory of your wedding.

Paper flowers

Paper flowers are another great non-floral option. They can be made using origami style paper folding or layering of different paper types cut into petal shapes. The paper flowers can be created with papers that have special meaning to you as well, including items you have saved from your courtship such as menus or maps of places you have visited.

The different paper textures and colours offer a nearly infinite set of options for styles and forms of bouquets. While not quite as hardy as buttons or silk if the weather becomes rainy, they are still a beautiful option and can also be kept after the day.

As you can see there are some awesome alternatives to freshly grown flowers, which can help hay fever prone brides to get through their wedding day without sneezing and red eyes.