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Last-minute Fixes for Clothes You Can't Get to the Dry Cleaners

Purchasing a dry clean only garment does mean you need to commit to regular dry cleaning visits. However, in the busy Christmas party season sometimes you don't have time to get to the dry cleaners before the next event. Here are some tips to get another wear out of an item before you get to the dry cleaners.

Bad smells

Many dry clean only items pick up strong odours, from cigarette smoke to body odours and many other smells. If your item is a bit smelly it can help to hand it up in a breezeway such as doorway or balcony to let the fresh breeze, try and remove some of the smells. Some spray on grocery store products also claim to remove odours but these should be treated with care on dry clean only fabrics as the strong chemical can fade delicate fabrics. You can also try and cover the smell by wearing a stronger perfume or body lotion.

Crumpled and creased

If you came home from last nights event a little tired and left your outfit on the floor it may turn out to be creased and crumpled by the time you pick it up the next morning. You can liven up crumpled garments by hanging them in a bathroom while you have a warm shower. The warm steam can help to relax any creases, although only dry cleaning can get you back a sharp crease or pleat in your garment.

Spots or dirt

If you have a spillage on a dry clean only garment, your best chance of removing it is to blot it out immediately. If you haven't noticed the stain when it was made, the first step is to scrape away any solids sitting above the fabric. If the stain is oily, try and remove oil by placing corn starch above the stain, to soak out excess oils. You can then carefully blot at the stain with a grocery store stain remover or a solution of pure soap flakes. This will often not fully remove the stain but will lighten it so it's less noticeable.

Try wearing a bright feature in your outfit away from the stain to draw the eye away from the area, such as bright pair of earrings. 

Once you get home from your event be sure to put your outfit away from dry cleaning. It's the only way to ensure it will look great for subsequent events. For more tips on keeping clothes clean, consult local dry cleaners.