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Short and Sweet: 3 Rules for Wearing Mini Skirts

Does the idea of wearing a mini skirt fill you with abject fear? Do you feel like you left your mini skirt days behind when you were a teenager? Well, it's time to think again because a mini skirt is an apparel staple, and it can look totally sophisticated too. But there are some rules that you should be aware of if you are thinking about adding a few classic mini skirts to your wardrobe. These pro tips should keep you in check:

A small heel is all that's necessary. With any outfit, you should have one statement item of apparel that steals the show, and the other things you wear should simply complement the overall look. Nine times out of ten, a mini skirt is going to be that statement item. And yet so many women think to themselves, "My legs look great in this skirt, so I'll wear a high heel". No. This is what can take a mini skirt look from classy to trashy. Your mini skirt will give you enough leg extension, so a kitten heel will more than suffice.

Cover up on top. Showing skin is fine - in fact, it can be great. But the key to creating a complete look is picking and choosing those areas where you bear some flesh. Obviously, with a mini skirt that area is going to be the legs, and this means that you should team your skirt with fuller coverage on top. A mini skirt teamed with a midriff exposing top is not going to look classy. But imagine a stone wash denim mini skirt teamed with an oversized white button up shirt. That is a daytime look that will have people turning heads for all the right reasons.

Choose the right shape. Mini skirts are not one size fits all, and actually, there is a mini skirt to fit most body types, not just ultra skinny women. For those very slim women, a tight skirt that hangs straight down could be a great choice, but on a woman with fuller hips, there are other options. Try out some A line mini skirts for something that grazes the hips and then fans out. This will still give you all the benefits of leg extension that a mini skirt brings while making you appear slimmer.

Be sure to enjoy this year's hot Australian summer by showing off your pins in mini skirts – just follow the rules!