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Offering Beauty Therapy to Women With Cancer

Many women undergoing cancer treatment feel laid low not only by the treatment, but the physical changes that they experience over this time. Beauty therapy can be a great way to lift their spirits in a life affirming way.

If you are planning on offering beauty treatments to cancer patients it is imperative that you do a professional beauty therapy course. Hygiene and workplace safety are vitally important to ensure that your treatments are appropriate and enhance the lives of your patients, who have reduced immune responses due to their cancer treatments. Here are some ideas on the services you can offer as a beauty volunteer.


Cancer is often extremely painful physically. Additionally, the process of radiation therapy is also painful, and the experience of being in hospital can be extremely emotionally draining. Massage is not only a powerful way of relieving discomfort but also an emotionally comforting sensation for someone who is not enjoying the sterile environment of the hospital and treatment centres.


Cancer treatments often give an off-color tinge to the skin, and this combined with the dry air of the hospital can lead to a feeling of dry and irritable skin that makes you look even more sickly. Many patients enjoy getting facials to relieve some of their dry skin issues and help them look their best for visitors. Facials can also be very relaxing to someone who has been through the more invasive forms of cancer therapy and wants some time to shut their eyes and switch off' for a while.


Makeup can be a great way to inject a feeling of colour and vitality back into the face. Many women undergoing treatment suffer blows to their feelings of femininity, including the loss of hair and the loss of a breast for patients undergoing mastectomies for breast cancer. Makeup can help women with cancer to feel more feminine and give a new makeup look they can try applying to go with their new appearance during this phase of their life.

Nails (manicure and pedicures)

Nails are one of those parts of the body that doesn't need to be done in a tasteful or restrained way. Offering patients a range of funky nail polishes in all sorts of colours and finishes can be a great way to add a cheery and surprising pop of colour to an other dull day. Consider learning how to do some nail art if you are looking at offering manicures and pedicures.