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Essential Steps To Prepare You For A Successful Spray Tan

If you want your skin to have a gorgeous, golden glow for a special event this winter, you might want to consider having a spray tan.  Good preparation for your visit to the tanning salon ensures that your tan is perfect.  Read on to find out how.

  1. Exfoliation In order to achieve an even, blotch-free tan; you'll need soft skin that's free from any rough patches.  Before you go for your spray tanning session, have a shower or bath and use an exfoliating tool to give your whole body a total scrub down.  Pay particular attention to roughened areas, such as your knees and elbows, or any patches of dry skin. Finish off the treatment by using a gentle body scrub product and go over your whole body once more.  
  2. Remove unwanted body hair Although body hair won't prevent the spray tan from adhering to your skin, shaving or using a depilation product soon after the tanning treatment could be detrimental.  For example, if you decide to shave your legs straight after your spray tan, the tanning product may flake away from your skin, leaving you with uneven stripes of colour. Make sure that you carry out any hair removal procedures before you go for your spray tan.  
  3. Delay moisturising Although you want your skin to be well-hydrated and supple, you should not apply moisturisers to your skin before you go for your spray tan.  Lotions and creams can prevent the tanning product from adhering to the skin, and the same applies to deodorants. Wait until after you have had your spray tan before applying moisturisers, deodorant, make-up or perfume to ensure that your spray tan is even and doesn't look patchy or blotchy.  
  4. Dress appropriately Most spray tanning treatments are damp for some time following application and can stain fabric.  With this in mind, always bring dark-coloured clothing to wear after your spray tan.  Choose loose-fitting garments, rather than anything clinging or tight-fitting.  Remember that the damp tanning product will adhere to any fabric that it comes into contact with until it is completely dry.  Therefore, if you wear trousers with a tight waistband, you could finish up with a pale-coloured line around your waist in contrast to the rest of your tan.

A successful spray tan is, to a large extent, dependent upon the steps you take to prepare for your visit to the salon.  Follow the advice above to make sure your preparation is as flawless as the end result!