Beauty and Fashion from Head to Toe: Creating Your Look

Inspiring salon supplies for a hairdressing salon

Running a hairdressing salon can be a complex business. Your customers head into the salon not just to get their hair cut, but also to have a relaxing experience with their hairdresser and imagine walking out transformed into a more polished version of themselves with a new hair style. 

Here are some ideas on how to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere if your salon. 

Inspiring posters

Many salons like to display pictures of edgy hairstyles on their walls, but it can be just as fun to show some pictures of your own work including getting canvases of your favourite haircuts or hair colouring jobs printed. Be sure to include a range of styles, as people may be just as happy to see a realistic looking picture of the kind of work you do all the time compared to seeing the most 'out-there' styles possible. 

It can also be fun and affordable to get some posters of motivation quotes. You can often find these at department stores, or head online to sites such as Etsy, to find some quotes that align with the mood you are looking for in the salon. 


Often your customers will come into the salon gripping photos from a magazine or printed out from online, showing a hair style from their favourite celebrity. Often these photos show intricate updos, or only show the hair from tricky angles, so it can be handy to have some lookbooks on hand so that your customers can show you a hairstyle that you can more easily emulate. These can usually be ordered from hairdressing supply stores. 

Flattering mirrors

While you want the mirrors in front of each customer to be accurate, you also want people to feel comfortable looking at themselves in the mirror for a long period of time. You should have the most flattering lighting installed, such as a soft ring of lights around the customer mirrors, rather than harsher overhead fluorescents. This can help your customers to relax and enjoy their time sitting in the hairdressing chair rather than unhappily gazing at an unflattering view of themselves while you work your hairdressing magic. 

Creating a flattering, fun and inspiring atmosphere in your hairdressing salon can help your customers to feel relaxed and happy, and help to ensure that you can do your best job as a hairdresser. It helps to ensure that you will get repeat business from happy customers. Why not spend some time reviewing your salon decor and hairdressing supplies to make sure they match your brand?