Inspiring salon supplies for a hairdressing salon

Running a hairdressing salon can be a complex business. Your customers head into the salon not just to get their hair cut, but also to have a relaxing experience with their hairdresser and imagine walking out transformed into a more polished version of themselves with a new hair style.  Here are some ideas on how to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere if your salon.  Inspiring posters Many salons like to display pictures of edgy hairstyles on their walls, but it can be just as fun to show some pictures of your own work including getting canvases of your favourite haircuts or hair colouring jobs printed.

Essential Steps To Prepare You For A Successful Spray Tan

If you want your skin to have a gorgeous, golden glow for a special event this winter, you might want to consider having a spray tan.  Good preparation for your visit to the tanning salon ensures that your tan is perfect.  Read on to find out how. Exfoliation In order to achieve an even, blotch-free tan; you'll need soft skin that's free from any rough patches.  Before you go for your spray tanning session, have a shower or bath and use an exfoliating tool to give your whole body a total scrub down.

Things to Consider When Buying Hairdressing Equipment

If you are starting up your own hairdressing business, modernising your salon or equipping your DIY home salon kit, you will want to make sure you have all the salon equipment you need. The quality of equipment used in a salon greatly contributes to the atmosphere of the salon and the satisfaction clients receive from your services. The same salon-quality result can be translated at home by buying the right hairdressing equipment.

Offering Beauty Therapy to Women With Cancer

Many women undergoing cancer treatment feel laid low not only by the treatment, but the physical changes that they experience over this time. Beauty therapy can be a great way to lift their spirits in a life affirming way. If you are planning on offering beauty treatments to cancer patients it is imperative that you do a professional beauty therapy course. Hygiene and workplace safety are vitally important to ensure that your treatments are appropriate and enhance the lives of your patients, who have reduced immune responses due to their cancer treatments.

Last-minute Fixes for Clothes You Can't Get to the Dry Cleaners

Purchasing a dry clean only garment does mean you need to commit to regular dry cleaning visits. However, in the busy Christmas party season sometimes you don't have time to get to the dry cleaners before the next event. Here are some tips to get another wear out of an item before you get to the dry cleaners. Bad smells Many dry clean only items pick up strong odours, from cigarette smoke to body odours and many other smells.

Short and Sweet: 3 Rules for Wearing Mini Skirts

Does the idea of wearing a mini skirt fill you with abject fear? Do you feel like you left your mini skirt days behind when you were a teenager? Well, it's time to think again because a mini skirt is an apparel staple, and it can look totally sophisticated too. But there are some rules that you should be aware of if you are thinking about adding a few classic mini skirts to your wardrobe.

Allergy free bouquets for the hayfever inclined

If you are a bride who is prone to hay fever, the thought of carrying a bunch of flowers around all day on a day when you will be photographed from many angles is not that exciting. Here are some other options for wedding bouquets you can use instead. Cute as a button bunch Button bouquets are a growing trend in wedding bouquets. They are made by threading an assortment of different buttons onto doubled over floristry wire.

Why You Should Provide Work Wear for Your Employees

The attire or apparel that your employees put on at the workplace has a direct impact on the reputation of your business. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-quality, personalized work wear that looks professional, smart and stylish. The following points will help indicate the benefits of providing the right work wear for your employees. Branding When personnel wear clothing displaying corporate colors and logos, they boost brand identity, helping set apart your business in the market it operates in.